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Fitness Carene®

Sizes of the Fitness Carene® presented:
12 x 6 x 3m (L x W x H, exterior)

In a high quality care of components of FITNESS CARENE, Bailly Prestige ensures the support of major international brands for the supply of its raw materials and components.

Larch wood for glulam Bailly Prestige

High performance Double-glazing


Layout materials on all sides:
Made of aluminium joinery and double-gazing, with a high-range performance on thermal-insulation.

Double-glazing, 10/16/6 with solar-control, external face treated in "Securit".

Bright and insulating roof


The roof is a complex composed of polycarbonate layers with air spaces, with similar energy transmission to the best double glazing.

Nevertheless, it provides very good light transmission, while stopant UV and Infrared (also responsible for degration equipment).
All the materials chosen have a 10 year warranty.

  • Total thickness : 108 mm.
  • Totally unbreakable (bulletproof shield when not alveolar but full-sheet).
  • Treatment against Infra Red (for regions with high solar radiation).
  • Treatment against UV (slightly tinted transparent green).
  • Opening / CLosing by engines

    From the center of the Fitness Carene®, elements slide left and right each under the other to discover at 2/3 the fitness area and be on open sky, freely.

    Each element is mobile on 100mm stainless steel castors with double bearings, and rolling on a lacquered aluminum rail put on the floor, colored to be as descreate as possible.

    The opening and closing is ensured by 4 servo motors 12V 2-2, initiated by a wireless remote.

    A Smart lighting


    Each arch hold a line of light composed of multiples LEDS, lighting from above of the sport area and all around at the bottom.
    Advantages: LEDs guarantees 50.000 hours, low power consumption, voltage 12V.
    Color and brightness choice possible for the lighting.

    Rubber flooring

    Rubber slabs designed to provide shock-absorbing surface area, many color possible.

    Customization and Options:

    Our Fitness Carene space are tailor-made to your dimensions achievements and benefits many options and customizations that make it a "one-off piece".
    The improvement of thermal comfort can be achieved by a reversible air conditioning system.

    Few example of possible customizations :

    • Designed interior side of Wooden arches by sculptures,
    • Mother-of-pearl ornamentation,
    • Various embellishments (Leather, Carbon, Swarovski Cristals,…),
    • Integration of crests, coat of arms,familly emblem,
    • Various finishes for roof aluminium profiled such as luxury Chromium or 24K Gold...

    Gold leaf gliding

    Arches' interior sides magnified by gold leaf made by gilder craftsman.

    Priva-lite Glazing

    Your instant privacy.

    Thanks to its remote, you'll be able to make the occultation of all or some glazings within only 1/10th of second, making disappear and appear the ladnscape around at your will.

    Burglarproof resistance (C.E. norm).